Speleology in the Dordogne valley

Speleology is an activity for everyone, young and old, and supervised by a qualified instructor.


You have taken the time to visit the castle of Beynac, to contemplate the gardens of Marqueyssac or to visit the city of Sarlat? Come and try a new underground experience: caving.
In Dordogne, many visitors want to explore underground cavities. Speleology has become in a few years, an essential activity in the Lot.

Speleology in Dordogne is known for the cave of Maxange, the grotto of Grand Roc or the cave Tourtoirac.

You will have the opportunity to meet unusual landscapes: narrow tunnels, underground rivers, chasms and other breathtaking environments.

Speleology is an activity for everyone, big or small, and supervised by a qualified instructor.
The Dordogne Valley and the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park are full of caves and chasms offering a whole world of natural cavities to explore.
Our instructors are happy to share their passion with you and help you discover the silent, secret and magical world of the underground world. Emotions and sensations guaranteed.

You will have the opportunity to do an introduction to caving or to take the opportunity to confirm your experience.
Located in the Lot, between Rocamadour and Lacave, we offer different caves:
• Dry cave where you will sneak into galleries. The ideal cave with family. Cave of initiation from 5 years
• Underground River. Follow the river that has shaped this cave over the centuries. Cave of initiation from 10 years. Know how to swim
Combinations provided. Provide good shoes and swimsuit following cavity.

Dry cave
From 5 years old
28€/adult25€/children from 5 to 12 years old
Underground river
From 10 years old
28€/adult25€/children from 10 to 12 years old
From 14 years old